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Spider Table Legs

Spider Table Legs
Spider table legs got their name because of their shape; they are long and elegant, strong and reminiscent of spider legs, or even antlers. When extended with a leaf, an additional chair will fit between the table legs, which allows for spatial flexibility; with geometrically shaped legs that add style to your space.
Our Spider Leg collection can accommodate any style of tabletop, which means a contemporary bench-style table or a round extendable table, a traditional solid wood table or a cool modern Corian table. It's perfect for modern industrial inspired dining room décor or to design the perfect leg base for your office desk dining table conference table or kitchen table.
Made from quality materials and crafted to perfection, our spider table legs products are available in a variety of sizes and specifications spider leg table bases, from industrial designs to sleek and modern aesthetics, you can find the perfect spider leg coffee table or spider leg dining table to suit your needs.
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